Project description


The first key objective of this proposal, and its cornerstone, is to generate swath elevation from CryoSat’s entire SARin archive over the GrIS and AIS and to perform an uncertainty assessment and finally ensure that the swath dataset is made available to the community.

A second objective is to assess the degree of improvement provided by swath elevation over standard POCA for the generation of standard altimetry products for ice sheets.

A corollary activity of this second objective is the use of these new experimental products to assess the state of the Cryosphere and its contribution to sea level change by generating rates of surface elevation change and derived volume change of both GrIS and AIS.

A third objective is to explore the potential of swath elevation, digital elevation model, and rates of elevation change in mapping the following 4 processes:

  • Grounding Line dynamics
  • Sub-glacial lakes dynamic
  • Ice shelves thickness dynamics
  • Calving front location dynamics