CryoTop datasets


The CryoTop datasets contain surface elevation generated from swath processing of CryoSat-2 measurement. The CryoTop datasets also contain gridded products generated from the swath derived elevation, these are 2 Digital elevation models (500 m and 1 km posting) and 2 maps of rates of surface elevation change (500 m and 1 km posting) as well as associated errors. The swath elevation data are provided as NetCDF files following the naming convention of the original CryoSat-2 datafiles provided by the European Space Agency, the gridded products are provided as GeoTIFF files. The methodology and data format are described in the dataset user manual.

Data citations

Gourmelen, N., Escorihuela, M. J., Shepherd, A., Foresta, L., Muir, A., Garcia-Mondejar, A., Roca, M. Baker, S.G. and Drinkwater, M. R. (2017). CryoSat-2 swath interferometric altimetry for mapping ice elevation and elevation change. Advances in Space Research.

Data download

Available from the Polar Data Center:

* Antarctica datasets coming soon

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